NavMem Explorer and HomeCompass available at the Google play

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NavMem Explorer and HomeCompass, the navigation prototypes developed as part of the NavMem Project, are available at the Google PlayStore. Both prototypes are used in the field study that is currently conducted in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Please note, the apps are development prototypes and not fully developed applications. The NavMem consortium cannot provide any support outside the field trial and use of the applications is at your own risk.

NavMem Explorer is a mobile navigation application primary designed for helping elderly pedestrians. Thus, the application has user interfaces tailored for people with reduced eyesight and manual dexterity. The NavMem Explorer presents navigation instructions in a set of different, easy to understand views. It relies upon the use of landmarks. Landmarks are memorable places in the world that can enhance the spatial orientation of people. In addition to several graphical navigation instructions, the NavMem Explorer provides tactile and auditory feedback to help pedestrians find their way without permanently monitoring the screen. In case of an emergency NavMem Explorer provides a set of predefined contacts that can be called from within the application. Called contacts are able to view the position of the calling person on an interactive map to give them an idea of the persons surrounding and helping them getting the calling person back on track.

HomeCompass is a research prototype (BETA) from the NavMem AAL project ( This very simple app allows you to save a location as your “home location”, and provide guidance towards this location with visual, auditory and vibrational feedback. The graphic indications (arrow/home message) gets paler if the GPS accuracy is poor. The app has no knowledge of roads (it is up to you to decide which roads/paths are suitable) – it will act as a compass and point towards the goal “as the crow flies”.

The app currently supports English, German, Dutch and Swedish. It is designed to be used on a phone, and needs a device with GPS as well as a magnetic compass to work.

Location information is only used internally in the app (it is not logged or made available for others).

This app is provided “as is” with no warranties. In no event shall the author of the HomeCompass be liable for any special, consequential, incidental or indirect damages whatsoever arising out of the use of or inability to use this app.